Integrated, user-friendly, efficient

LucaNetAG was founded in the early 1990s with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. We serve large enterprises globally, providing financial control, business intelligence solutions and consultation services. Our clientele spans over fifty countries and regions, and we serve them with branches and offices strategically located in key business hubs worldwide, including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, and China. Leveraging decades of expertise in group financial control and drawing on insights gained from consulting numerous global enterprises for almost three decades, LucaNet integrates advanced BI technology with exceptional practices in group financial management. Our commitment is to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, covering:

multi-system data integration

automated statement generation

complex statement consolidation

multi-dimensional data analysis

comprehensive budget control

business intelligence applications.

LucaNet is characterized by high standardization, intelligence, and modeling. By blending intricate financial logic with cutting-edge business intelligence technology, LucaNet truly addresses several challenges in management accounting. Our core product, LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server, is developed on our in-house memory data model (LucaNet.IMDB). It is as a professional platform designed by and serving "non-IT professionals", featuring a "configurable platform", "quick deployment", "flexible application", and "simple operation".

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