Crafted in Germany, locally empowered - an excellent solution for group financial control


LucaNet Finance Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as LucaNet China) is a subsidiary of LucaNetAG, Germany, in China. It is dedicated to providing consulting and implementation services for group financial control systems and solutions to customers such as state-owned enterprises, large corporations, publicly listed companies, and foreign-funded enterprises. LucaNetAG was founded in the early 1990s with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Our clientele spans over fifty countries and regions, and we serve them with branches and offices strategically located in key business hubs worldwide, including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, and China.

LucaNet stands as a distinguished leader in the realm of management accounting software, consistently earning prestigious honors in BARC's comprehensive surveys for years. Gartner recognizes LucaNet as an international software supplier in its Market Guide for Management Accounting Software.

The foundation of LucaNet's pioneering efforts in the field of financial performance management in China lies in the commitment to "being grounded in expertise and striving for perfection". Our strategy as a knowledge and technology-dense enterprise is marked by a continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Since 2010, the German-origin brand has thrived in China for over a decade. Recognized as one of the rapidly developing enterprises in the industry, LucaNet, with its Financial Intelligence (FI) philosophy and technology, actively engages with the transformation wave of Chinese businesses. While providing services, LucaNet is dedicated to promoting industry best practices and knowledge dissemination, becoming a trusted partner for thousands of global conglomerates and listed companies in the realm of group financial control solutions. Throughout the process of building an entire ecosystem, LucaNet has successfully brought in numerous prominent domestic and international accounting firms, software companies, and other professional institutions. This multi-tiered collaboration aims to collectively cater to diverse needs of Chinese customers. 

        LucaNet is characterized by high standardization, intelligence, and modeling. By blending intricate financial logic with cutting-edge business intelligence technology, LucaNet excels in addressing several challenges in management accounting. Leveraging decades of expertise in group financial control and drawing on insights gained from consulting numerous global enterprises for almost three decades, LucaNet integrates advanced BI technology with exceptional practices in group financial management. Now, a comprehensive group financial control system has been created, covering multi-system data integration, automated statement generation, complex statement consolidation, multi-dimensional data analysis, comprehensive budgeting, and BI applications.

Established in Berlin in 1999, LucaNet has expanded its global presence with 17 subsidiaries and branches, forming an extensive and global network of over 150 partners.

Serving thousands of customers in more than 50 countries and regions, LucaNet maintains an outstanding 97% customer satisfaction rate. 

Head office in China: 36/F, East Tower, Raffles City, No. 1089, Dongda Ming Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Hotline: 4008 086 049