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Are you grappling with common pitfalls in consolidating financial data, reporting, financial forecasting and scenario planning ? Are manual checks a constant headache for you? Do internal related transactions require offline manual reconciliation? LucaNet is a good solution to all these challenges.

LucaNet provides a comprehensive financial performance management solution. With it, you can have all the financial data at your fingertip! LucaNet's financial performance management solution offers streamlined workflows, automation, and maximum transparency outputs to you.

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Our Corporate Performance platform provides you with transparent financial processes and maximum data transparency, integrated financial planning and budgeting, and the financial reports that the relevant information is guaranteed to reach the proper recipients right on time, and thus grasp the overall financial picture and make informed decisions.

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Follow the SPOT principle of data

All-in-one application, effortlessly managing your complete financial workflow.

Unified enterprise management

Gain a comprehensive view of financial landscape.


Gain clarity throughout the preparation of consolidation, planning and reporting processes.

100% traceability

Retain full control over both internal and external accounting processes, with capabilities for historical data queries, actual data analysis, and financial budget forecasting.


Boost work efficiency significantly through automated processes, allowing you to focus on your core business without concerns.

Comprehensive analysis system

Navigate confidently towards your goals.

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