Reverse analysis, horizontal integration, and fortifying data foundations

On a transformative journey tailored to business and financial management needs, LucaNet takes the lead in reverse-analyzing your existing systems, especially those intricately tied to finance, evaluating application status, data quality, and operational processes, and offers optimization recommendations. LucaNet.Importer can help you seamlessly integrate data across brands and modules.

Consultation and Review: In the dynamic landscape of enterprise digitalization, issues like suboptimal architecture, incomplete datasets, and a lack of essential dimension information are common due to their construction backgrounds, planning and development course, etc. Recognizing these challenges, LucaNet's consulting team takes the lead in the early phases of constructing financial control platforms to offer basic data consultation and review services. Following a "top-down" approach, we take a proactive start with an insightful reverse analysis of peripheral system data quality driven by management needs. LucaNet's aim is to identify existing problems and offer practical and feasible optimization and rectification solutions. We fill gaps, rectify discrepancies, and strengthen the foundational bedrock of your enterprise data and also our data analysis platform to be released in the future.                                               

Data integration: LucaNet.Importer integrates data from almost all types of databases, including relational databases, multi-dimensional databases (e.g., MSAS), and in-memory databases (like SAP HANA). We tailor the granularity of data integration to suit your specific needs. For financial data, we drill down to voucher entries; for business data, we dive into individual invoice details. This authentic consolidation of ledgers ensures traceability, establishing a robust data foundation for next steps.

Why LucaNet?

Unified ERP integration

LucaNet provides standardized interfaces compatible with nearly all ERPs in the market. Therefore, you can seamlessly unify data at the group level without the need to switch ERPs.

Flexible database compatibility

Plug-and-play drivers for major databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SAP, DB2 make LucaNet versatile. We help customers overcome database diversity, storage platform challenges, and data conversion complexities within a group.

Seamless connection with Excel and WPS

Our bidirectional interfaces with Excel and WPS enable data export/import from and to them, unifying historical or specially generated Excel/WPS data with system data for decision analysis.

Compatible with various operating systems

LucaNet offers full support for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, enabling great compatibility with different systems, flexible data-toggle, and even access to data integrated on Windows or Linux servers using Mac brand client terminals.

Multi-dimensional management support

LucaNet.Importer offers built-in support for commonly used dimensions in enterprise analysis, with flexibility for users to add custom dimensions. This lays a solid foundation for data modeling, meeting diverse analytical needs from various perspectives.

Data drill-down capability

LucaNet.Importer enables deep dives into your data, supports drilling down through report data to the granular level, such as diving down to vouchers.

LucaNet.Importer enables building multi-dimensional models with ease. It offers a swift and straightforward modeling approach - add predefined analysis dimensions to the model designer without manual intervention from technical personnel.

LucaNet.Importer extracts and also processes data comprehensively with the aid of the complex financial logic embedded in LucaNet. From reclassifying accounts based on financial data to frontend business rule processing while collecting data, it finishes data cleaning and transformation. Users can easily modify rules at the frontend without requiring backend code changes anytime.

Key Use Cases and Value

For large and complex enterprises facing diverse information systems without a unified group information system, LucaNet can provide a solution. Group-level data consolidation without replacing existing ERPs can be achieved by extracting financial data from general ledgers, reports, and even voucher levels to establish a data warehouse.

For those companies or groups that requires an integrated operational analysis with both business and financial data, LucaNet.Importer offers an efficient solution. Large-scale automated data integration and processing can be achieved without resorting to manual Excel or SQL codes while maintaining great flexibility in processing.

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